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Face Skin and Joint Ultra Relief Cream

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All of our OptiMSM® Products, including our Face, Skin, and Joint Cream are natural anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterial!

Daily Skin Care Routine
Face Skin and Joint Ultra Relief MSM Cream
Face Skin and Joint Ultra Relief Cream

Daily Skin Care

this daily treatment addresses skin and body cellular repair, joint inflammation, and general skin maintenance

Best Product Ever Used on a Burn!!

My husband burned his fore arm last winter it was a 3rd degree burn. At first I put a burn ointment on it it was very painful for him but he won’t go to Dr unless his arm is fell off. So I decided to try the NutraHealth Face, Skin & Joint Ultra Relief Cream. Wow he said the pain was gone! I put Nutra on his arm 2-3 times a day within 2 weeks new skin had grown back the red was gone. Now if you see his arm it only has a slight discoloration . No scaring smooth skin you would never believe it was the spot.
Cathy Jones

NutraHealth Shampoo and Conditioner

I recently tried the NutraHealth Shampoo and Conditioner for my hair. Since I started chemotherapy I needed a gentler shampoo that I could use every day. These NutraHealth products are amazing and I like that they are nutraceutical based making them safe for my immune system.
Gerry Q.

Face Skin and Joint Cream

When the weather/barometric pressure changed, my legs really started aching. I had my husband rub the cream, which I do turbo charge with essential oil, on both legs and the bottom of my feet. That stopped the pain and I  was able to sleep! Also, I had a swollen gland under my jaw line that was bothersome.  The cream stopped that pain as well!

I hope you are doing well. I look forward to picking up where we left off when my energy increases.

Karin S.

“I discovered Nutra Face and Joint Ultra Relief with MSM Cream about four years ago. My husband and both suffer from bone on bone arthritis, mine in my hip and husbands’ in both knees. This wonderful cream is the only product we have found that takes away our pain, allowing us to sleep, pain free, throughout the night. It smells good and is non-greasy!” Karin S. of Oregon (02/18)

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Nutra Health

Nutra has one simple principle, make only products that are natural, clean, and effective.

Our products not only provide the highest quality essential oils, vitamins and minerals but we have also made these products highly absorbable without artificial and toxic ingredients.

At the heart of our product ingredients you will find MSM, an organic sulfur compound commonly referred to as the miracle supplement. We have taken great care to source the only quadruple filtered (99.99% pure) MSM available.

There are many healing qualities to MSM, among them is its unique ability to help deliver nutrients through the skin barrier. This makes each ingredient, each product more efficient and effective.