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Welcome To Nutra Health

We started Nutra Health with one purpose. To make products that do what it says and does not make you worse in the process.

After looking at all the so-called “natural” clean products, were ingredients that we did not want for our loved ones. As we have all learned, what we put on our skin goes into our bodies.

To resolve this problem, we researched a healthier way to health and beauty. We started with plant based ingredients and organic plant acids (OPA’s). Integrating a nutraceutical approach gave us the results we wanted. Healthy and natural products that are safe for the entire family and pets. In the process, we introduced environmentally sound and sustainable resources.

Why an MSM based product line? Many years ago, we became interested in the healing qualities of MSM so we did extensive research and found products that used MSM as an active ingredient. The problem was the texture of most MSM creams are gritty or greasy.

Finally, after several months we had a breakthrough in the form of our Nutra Health Face, Skin & Joint Ultra Relief Cream, a non-greasy, fast absorbing, natural Non GMO, pet friendly, and effective cosmetic and healthy product line.

Our Nutra Health products feed your skin and body for healthier life!

Nutraceutical definition:
A foodstuff (such as a fortified food or dietary supplement) that provides health benefits in addition to its basic nutritional value.
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