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    Nutra Pampered Pets Skin and Joint MSM Cream is the best on the market for all natural nutraceutical non-GMO and vegan healing cream. Due to our special formulation and healthy ingredients, this is the one product that your pet wont get sick from and will heal them safely! Ingredients: Purified water, therapeutic grade lavender oil, Opti-MSM, trace minerals (from plants), sunflower oil, chamomile extract, vitamins A, D, & E, OPA (Organic plant acids), and essential oils.
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  • MSM has been known for years to diminish inflammation of muscles, joints, and cell walls. That is why our Opt-MSM is part of many of our products. Combine the positive effects of MSM along with our proprietary nutraceutical formulas, and you have a healthy, natural, and very clean resolve to many of your body and anti-aging issues.

    Ingredients: 100% MSM from the mountains of Washington and Canada. No preservatives, Yeast, Corn, No GMO, Soy, or artificial coloring.