Pampered Pets Skin and Joint MSM Cream


Nutra Pampered Pets Skin and Joint MSM Cream is the best on the market for all natural nutraceutical non-GMO and vegan healing cream. Due to our special formulation and healthy ingredients, this is the one product that your pet wont get sick from and will heal them safely!

Ingredients: Purified water, therapeutic grade lavender oil, Opti-MSM, trace minerals (from plants), sunflower oil, chamomile extract, vitamins A, D, & E, OPA (Organic plant acids), and essential oils.

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Pampered Pets Products

Nature is where pets look for relief. Now nature comes in a container with an all vegan solution to your pets needs without chemicals or synthetics that can make your pet worse.

Pets are like children in that they can be very sensitive to foods, chemicals, and smells. This is why an all natural vegan based solution for:

  1. bites
  2. rashes
  3. dry spots
  4. wounds
  5. muscle and joint pain

Is the best way to help your pet heal. All of our Pampered Pets products have been field tested with horse, chickens, dogs, pigs, birds, rabbits, and found to be the most effective solution naturally!

Directions: Apply to injured or damaged area 1 to 3x daily until the issue has subsided.

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